Nature Trivia Challenge




Get ready to explore the wonderful world of nature all around you. This trivia challenge is fun, exciting, and a perfect activity for the whole family.

Don't worry if you're not sure about the answers! It's all about having fun, starting a conversation, and learning together.

Move along the treasure map as you explore and learn! The questions are listed on the next page and you can find all the answers on the last page.

There are a few "extra credit" ideas sprinkled in where you can take a picture (or draw one!), talk about other facts and share what you have learned with a friend.

We also encourage you to get outside and explore as you are doing your trivia challenge. Ask your kiddo questions about the amazing things you see right in your own yard. Don't be scared, there probably won't be any polar bears, elephants, or lions in your back yard... we hope ;) 

We hope you have a blast playing this trivia challenge and learn some cool facts along the way. Feel free to continue the adventure by creating some of your own nature trivia questions! Happy exploring!!!

We would love to see your adventures - remember to tag us at #jollyolisummeradventures

we might just share it with all our Jolly Oliver Cool Kids!!!


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