silly face made with items from fall scavenger hunt, leaf/feather/acorn/stick

Make It Monday - Leaf Faces

silly Leaf Face
Thanks so much for joining us for this week's Make It Monday!!!
Every so often we jump in to share fun activities with you since you are part of the Cool Kids Club.
A few years ago we took Oliver on a Fall Scavenger Hunt and he had the best time! I mean, what little boy doesn't like collecting rocks and sticks, lol!!
We thought it might be fun to relive the fun again!

Today's Make It Monday will show you how we used some of our treasures from the scavenger hunt to make these amazingly easy leaf faces. 

First you will need to get outside and have your very own scavenger hunt. 

Here's the list.

Fall Scavenger Hunt List
Once you have your goodies from the scavenger hunt,
scavenger hunt finds
you will only need two other supplies -  a piece of paper and glue
supplies for silly face craft - glue, items from scavenger hunt, tray

That's it!

See, I told you it was easy.

Now, have some fun!! This is where you can play around, experiment, change things up, whatever you like.
One other quick tip... we used a tv tray while we made our silly faces. You could also use a baking sheet or something similar. Not necessary, but it helped us keep everything in one place so it was super easy to play around with all the different ways to make faces. 
Oliver's Leaf Face
If you don't have glue, that's ok too! (haha, we made a rhyme). Make a game of it and see how many different faces everyone can make. 
triangle face made with leaves and sticksWinky Face made with leaves, sticks, acorn and featherCrazy Hair made with flowers, leaves, sticks
You could even have a contest with prizes for the person who can: 
make the silliest face.
make the most colorful, or
use the most leaves. 

We would LOVE to see what you create!


When you finish we would love for you to check out our fun Halloween shirt designs. Oliver helped design them so of course the ghost is missing a few teeth just like him. 

Don't forget to tag us at #jollyolifun 
We may even share your creation on our Instagram or Facebook pages! 


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